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Building and maintaining your swimming pool in Belgium since 1972

What would we be without water?

The benefits of the air-water mix not only unable us to recharge our batteries, to take in refreshing energy, to forget the tiredness and tensions of daily life, or to get closer to nature. It also means we can revitalise body and mind, by promoting sleep quality.

Beyond a fashionable phenomenon that is chic and essential to our internal well-being, the SWIMMING pool and SPA are above all synonyms for stress relief and relaxation of body and mind, within a refined atmosphere and luxurious and comfortable surroundings.

EAU PURE will support you in your plans, whether it is in the building, renovation or maintenance of your pool.

Ever mindful to increase the quality of your pool whilst being economically and ecologically more efficient, EAU PURE can also offer you the latest technologies, both for heating systems and for filtration or purification systems.

EAU PURE has built more than 1450 top-of-the-range pools in Belgium...

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Intellipool from PENTAIR, complete management of your swimming pool.

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